June 10, 2024

117 Awesome Japandi Bedroom Style Ideas For 2024

The Japandi Bedroom style is an almost imperceptible overlap of Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian "hygge" (or coziness).

This is not a style that hungers for publicity; instead, it's a quiet revolution. 

It's a style that says "Come in, please sit down. You're just in time for a hot cup of tea." 

The whole feeling of a Japandi design is such that you could imagine yourself either taking a nap in it, or at the very least, feeling like you could breathe in it.

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Japanese Interiors

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Japandi Bedroom Style: shadow and light

Japandi Bedroom Style: shadow and light

Introduction to Japandi Bedroom Style

What is Japandi Bedroom Design?

The Japandi bedroom design marries the best of Japanese and Scandinavian design philosophies. 

Simplicity, functionality, and minimalism form the bedrock of this style. 

The Japandi-style bedroom pulls from the modern appearance and clean lines seen in Japanese interiors and pairs them with the supreme comfort and coziness found in Scandinavian decor. 

The result is one of tranquil beauty - the Japandi interiors.

The materials are natural and largely sourceable. 

The color palettes are neutral and earthy. 

In corners, where clutter usually accumulates, the Japandi bedroom has none. 

A Japandi style bedroom has only the key pieces, nothing more.

It creates a bedroom environment where the soul can rest.

Instead, each item has been selected with careful thought and served a purpose. In a Japandi-style bedroom, everything seems in harmony.

Why Japandi Bedroom is Trending in 2024

In 2024, the new trend in bedroom design, Japandi, is coming to fruition. What is it? 

Simply put, it's a fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian design elements that results in very modern, very cool spaces. 

People who keep a fast pace in their lives need a place to relax and retreat when they come home. 

Some people are trying to do that in their bedroom. 

A bedroom in the Japandi style is a very modern, very cool-looking space. 

One can see that in the initial design elements, like the bed itself. 

The Japandi style doesn't have an ornate, gaudy look. It keeps a very tight control on the color palette. The colors are natural and simple.

Benefits of Japandi Bedrooms

There are plenty of reasons to choose a Japandi interior style for a bedroom, and all are related to the way we now live. 

At its core, Japandi is a blend of two design styles: Japanese and Scandinavian. 

Both place a great emphasis on minimalism and the use of natural elements – in Japandi, the first characteristic is even more pronounced, making it one of the most clutter-free and calming bedroom styles around. 

White is the base color in Japandi, and from there, warm earth tones and a mix of grays are layered in for a natural finish. 

The bedroom is filled with only the meaningful pieces of furniture and decorations a Japandi designer deems necessary and beautiful.

Japandi Bedroom Style: soft color palette and natural textures

Japandi Bedroom Style: soft color palette and natural textures

117 Japandi Bedroom Ideas

Neutral and Natural Elements

1. Neutral color palette with natural textures

2. Simple, white bedding or neutral tones

3. Light wood furniture

4. Neutral-toned area rugs

5. Bamboo blinds

6. Neutral palette wall art

7. Linen curtains or Shoji screens

8. Soft, muted wall colors

9. Warm, earthy tones

10. Neutral-colored tapestry

Furniture and Storage

11. Low-profile platform bed

12. Tatami-style beds with Futon mattress

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13. Wooden slat bed frame

Minimalist pick
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06/15/2024 09:23 am GMT

14. Scandinavian-inspired nightstands

15. Minimalist wardrobe with sliding doors

16. Simple wooden dresser

17. Floating wooden shelves

18. Wall-mounted shelving

19. Rattan baskets for storage

20. Scandinavian-style storage benches

Lighting and Decor

21. Large windows for natural light

22. Floor-to-ceiling curtains

23. Handmade pottery lamps

24. Soft, ambient lighting

Japan-style Lightning
Rice Paper Lantern Light | Table Lamp, Japanese Akari 1A Style, Minimalist Noguchi Design - Perfect for Creating a Warm Cozy Atmosphere in Any Room

The minimalistic Paper Lantern is a classical diffuse light choice for a Japanese-inpsired Japandi interior.

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04/14/2024 11:04 am GMT

25. Wall-mounted bedside lamps

Japandi light
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06/15/2024 09:20 am GMT

26. Japanese lanterns

27. Elegant ceramic lamps

28. Japanese paper lanterns

29. Minimalist floor lamps

30. Modern, clean-lined bed frame

Greenery and Plants

31. Zen-inspired bonsai plants

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32. Indoor plants for a touch of green

33. Ikebana flower arrangements

Japan Feeling
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34. Hanging indoor plants

35. Scandinavian-style planters

36. Simple, elegant plant stand

37. Snake plants

Japandi Bedroom Style: wooden minimalistic furniture

Japandi Bedroom Style: wooden minimalistic furniture

Art and Wall Decorations

38. Japanese Wabi-Sabi decor elements

39. Minimalist wall art

40. Japanese calligraphy art

Wall Art
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41. Traditional Japanese screen prints

42. Neutral-toned wall art

43. Large, round mirrors

44. Handmade macramé wall hangings from natural fibers

Japandi Inspo
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06/15/2024 09:18 am GMT

45. Simple, modern wall sconces

46. Japanese quality craftsmanship

47. Elegant wooden alarm clock

Textiles and Soft Furnishings

48. Textured throws and pillows

49. Organic cotton bedding

50. Scandinavian wool throws

51. Simple geometric patterns

52. Cozy textiles, woolen blankets

53. Soft, fluffy rugs in neutral color schemes

54. Hygge-inspired cozy blankets

55. Neutral-toned quilts

56. Neutral-toned poufs

57. Soft, plush towels in soft greys

Storage and Organization

58. Minimalist wardrobe with sliding doors

59. Wall-mounted clothing racks

60. Simple, clean wall hooks

61. Rattan baskets for storage

62. Scandinavian-style benches with built-in storage

63. Simple, elegant jewelry stand

64. Natural wood bedside tables

65. Wooden ladder shelf

66. Simple, wooden bookcase

67. Floating bedside tables

Workspaces and Reading Nooks

68. Minimalist workspace with a wooden desk

69. Simple, elegant desk lamp

70. Minimalist reading nook

71. Simple, clean-lined desk

72. Wooden stool for desk

73. Scandinavian-style armchair

74. Wooden chair

Top Choice
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06/11/2024 12:18 am GMT

75. Wooden stands

76. Natural wood stool

77. Simple, modern alarm clock

Japanese-Style Furniture and Accessories

78. Shōji screen room dividers

79. Tatami mats for flooring

80. Noren curtain for doorways

Japanese noren Slabline (Beige) Room Divider

Doorway curtain (W33.5'xH66.9') is very common in Japan to create a visible border between two rooms.

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81. Japanese tea set on display

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04/15/2024 10:00 am GMT
Our Pick
Cast Iron Tea Kettle for Stovetop - Japanese Tea Set with Warmer, Trivet, Infuser and 4 Teacups, Hobnail Design (40 oz, Black, 6 Pieces)

This traditional and understated tea set is great for brewing a fresh cup of tea at any time for a moment of "Zen".

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04/14/2024 08:24 am GMT

82. Japanese zen garden tray

83. Simple, washi-paper wall paper

Shoji Gami Origami Paper Washi Roll, 11-Inch x 60-Feet

Shoji Gami Origami Paper Washi Roll, 11-Inch x 60-Feet.

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06/11/2024 01:19 am GMT

84. Japanese-inspired floor lamp

85. Japanese tea ceremony corner

86. Japanese folding screens

Elegant pick
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06/15/2024 09:25 am GMT

87. Japanese-style futon

Japandi Bedroom Style: wabi-sabi and natural decoration

Japandi Bedroom Style: wabi-sabi and natural decoration

Scandinavian Touches

88. Scandinavian-inspired nightstands

89. Scandinavian-style armchair

90. Scandinavian-style storage benches

91. Scandinavian-style planters

92. Scandinavian wool throws

93. Scandinavian-inspired wall shelves

94. Scandinavian-style light fixtures

95. Scandinavian woven throws

96. Cozy, woolen blankets

97. Simple, modern wall sconces

Miscellaneous Ideas

98. Japanese lanterns

99. Floating bedside tables

100. Japanese paper lanterns

101. Japanese calligraphy art

102. Natural wood bedside tables

103. Large floor-to-ceiling mirrors

104. Floating nightstands

105. Simple, elegant vanity

106. Elegant, minimalist bench

107. Simple, clean wall hooks

Final Touches

108. Handmade macramé wall hangings

109. Elegant ceramic lamps

110. Japanese-inspired artwork

Japandi inspro
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111. Minimalist reading nook

112. Clean-lined, minimalist dresser

113. Simple, modern alarm clock

114. Minimalist plant stand

115. Soft, textured cushions

116. Elegant, minimalist vase

117. Japanese-style floor cushions

Japandi Bedroom Style: lights and soft furnishings are key

Japandi Bedroom Style: lights and soft furnishings are key

Design Your Japandi Bedroom Today

Recap: Main Style Ideas for Japandi Bedroom Styles

To sum up the main ideas for Japandi bedroom styles, they are an art of balance of Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian coziness. 

The essential parts are the low-to-the-ground platform beds, which promote a tranquil and simple space. 

The same goes for the mattresses (preferably futon-style). 

On the whole, the Japandi trend in the bedroom is about a retreat—a refuge from the signaling and communication that the modern world demands. 

Upholding the retreat concept is that Japandi is all about serenity and that it doesn't try too hard to achieve it. 

The modern Japandi look leans on the light shades of a few colors rather than a single hue (such as all white), achieving a pale but not a void palette; and on natural materials, such as wood and bamboo, mixed with fabrics that are organic in origin and appearance, like linen and cotton. 

Once again, the space also liberates a person to look at some good and interesting objects.

Where to Buy Japandi Bedroom Items

It is vital to select the correct items to achieve a Japandi bedroom's desired effect: a calm, harmonious sanctuary. 

Start from decorating stores that focus on the seemingly contrary but similar styles of minimalism and the Scandinavian "hygge" concept—that is, cozy living. 

IKEA and MUJI are leaders in this arena at the moment, offering a nearly full line of specialized furniture and accessories, like low-slung beds, narrow, natural wood dressers and nightstands, and even neutral bedding, that could become part of a Japandi bedroom. 

Look then to online marketplaces for unique, handcrafted items by local artisans, next to a range of area eco-friendly stores, some that are even run by the very same local artisans. 

Finally, price points tend to be much higher on those latter shop's wares, so consider them for special pieces that will add leaden weight and Japanese imprimatur to the bedroom's unfolding and evolving design.

How to get started

Transforming your bedroom into a Japandi retreat is a simple, satisfying project. 

The first step is to clear out all the mess. Japandi is all about clean lines and an uncluttered look, so you need to remove anything in your room that doesn't fit that mold.

Next, think in terms of a the Japandi color palette. It consists of very calming and neutral colors. 

Traditional Tanshitsu, the Japanese screen artist, Kuroda Seikichi, used grays, whites, and beiges as his base colors when he painted some of the most famous Nihonga paintings.

After you choose your color palette and have everything else in the room set, it's time to add all the various natural elements and textures that bring a Japandi room to life.

Perhaps one of the most iconic pieces in any Japandi room is a low-sitting, bed-like piece of furniture. 

It's the first thing that says, "Japandi." Try to incorporate other functional, traditional pieces. They can all work together to enhance the room without harming its delicate Japandi balance.


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