January 1, 2024

How To Make Money On Audible In 2024

Hey, it's Aaron! Can you believe it's already fall? Man, 2024 is flying by. But guess what? There's still time to make this year epic. Ever scroll through Audible? On your phone or computer, doesn't matter. Well, it's not just for listening. You can make money there. Yeah, you heard me.

So, I tried it. Made some mistakes. Who hasn't? But now, I've cracked it. And guess what? I'm sharing the secrets. Because why should I be the only one having fun?

You like to write? Got a voice that's kinda cool? Or maybe you're just good at selling stuff. Whatever it is, you can do it on Audible. No need for fancy tech or big budgets. Just you, some drive, and a little know-how.

Ready to dive in? Cool, because we're gonna rock this. Let's make Audible pay off before we ring in 2025. What do you say? 🎉🎧

TL;DR - Aaron's Summary

  • What's Audible, Anyway?: It's your go-to hub for everything audio—audiobooks, podcasts, and more

  • Cash In On Audible: Narrate an audiobook, write one, or even produce one. You can also hustle as an affiliate marketer

  • The Starter Kit: A decent mic, some quiet space, and a whole lot of passion can get you off to a solid start

  • The Secret Sauce for Success: Market yourself like a pro—utilize social media, traditional media, and networking
How to make money on Audible

How to make money on Audible (Picture created with Midjourney)

Audible - What It Is And How You Can Sign Up

Audible is an Amazon-owned audiobook app that offers a huge selection of books, podcasts, and other audio content. It's available on any device from computers to mobile phones.

You can simply sign up for Audible to get started. The signup process is free, and you can choose from an “Audible Free Trial” or a “Full Membership” for Audible premium access. If you want to check it out first from an audience POV, click the button below to get to their website.

Once signed up, you'll be able to access thousands of books in multiple languages. You can also listen to any book available on the platform with no time limit—allowing you to enjoy your favorite audiobooks as often as you'd like!

Narrate an audiobook for Audible

Narrate an audiobook for Audible (Image generated with Midjourney)

The Top 3 Audible Trends In 2024

Before we dive into how to start your side hustle, it's crucial for us to understand where Audible is headed in 2024 and what trends we should be aware of.

Trend 1: Growing number of members

First, the number of Audible members is expected to continue to grow as more people embrace audio content.

This means there will be an increased demand for audiobooks and podcasts and other Audible products, creating a great opportunity for those looking to start making money on Audible.

Trend 2: More diverse author landscape

Second, more authors are turning to self-publishing through platforms such as Audible, which allows them to bypass traditional publishing costs while still monetizing their work.

This could present opportunities for content creators and voiceover artists who have the skillset but don’t want to go down the traditional route.

This trend is not limited to Audible but also happens with other audiobook distributors. But Audible certainly makes it easy for anyone to earn money through creating audiobooks, sharing their own podcast, or audiobook narration.

Trend 3: Focus on tutorials and skill-building

Finally, there is likely going to be increased interest in tutorials that teach users how to use the platform and create their own audiobooks. This could be a great opportunity for those who are passionate about teaching and have the right skillset.

Overall, Audible is an ever-evolving platform that offers various opportunities for creators, affiliates, and entrepreneurs in 2024.

With the right strategies, you can start making money on Audible and building your side hustle!

Podcast, audiobook, vocalization - there are many formats for Audible

Podcast, audiobook, vocalization - there are many formats for Audible (Image created with Midjourney)

How To Make Money On Audible

There are different ways to make money on Audible, so let's first get an overview of the different ways before we go deeper into each of them.

1. Create Your Own Audiobook

If you have writing skills and a great story idea, consider creating your own audiobook and uploading it onto Audible.

This will allow people who purchase your book to access the audio version at their convenience.

2. Become an Affiliate

Audible offers an audible affiliate program, which allows people to promote books from the platform and earn a commission for each sale they make.

This can be a great way to start earning money with very little effort. The audible affiliate program is open to everyone. You will need to create an Audible affiliate account and then generate a link to the book you promote.

3. Sell Your Voiceover Services And Become An Audiobook narrator

If you have a pleasant voice, consider offering your services as an audiobook narrator or voice actor on Audible.

You can bid on projects posted by authors and publishers or create your own profile page with samples of your work.

4. Monetize Your Podcasts

If you already have a popular podcast, you may want to consider selling it via Audible’s self-publishing portal.

With this approach, you'll be able to monetize your content and make a passive income.

5. Become an Audible Coach

If you're passionate about teaching, consider becoming an Audible coach and offering one-on-one tutorials for those who want to learn more about the platform or how to create their own audiobooks.

6. Publish Your Own eBooks

Finally, if you have writing skills and would like to branch out into eBooks, then this is also possible using Audible's self-publishing portal.

With this approach, you can create your own book series without having to worry about publishing costs or finding a publisher!

With these six strategies in mind, you can start earning money on Audible in 2024 with minimal effort. 

Let's look at the one by one next.

Audible audio narration is for everyone

Audible audio narration is for everyone (Image created with Midjourney)

Way 1: How To Create Your Own Audiobook

Once you've identified your niche and developed your audience, it's time to create an audiobook. Here are some tips on how to get started:

Choose a topic that ties in with your existing content.

Your book should be related to topics you already write about or what people already associate you with. This will help make it easier for people to find your book online.

Use high-quality audio equipment for recording.

You want the best possible sound quality for your audiobook so invest in the right tools, like a microphone and headphones. Similarly, make sure to use the right audio recording software that fits your needs.

Get the timing right when editing.

Timing is key when creating an audiobook - try to keep each chapter within 40 minutes or less so that listeners don't lose interest.

Hire a professional narrator if needed. If you don't feel comfortable narrating books yourself, consider hiring a professional to help bring your story to life.

Publish your audio files on Audible effortlessly.

Once you've finished recording and editing your book, it's time to upload it to Audible for distribution! Join the Audible Creator Program and get started. With the audible self-publishing platform, you can make your audiobook available to millions of listeners around the world and easily make money on Audible. You will make money from royalty share and can Audible pay you through direct bank deposit, making this a great business model as it becomes somewhat passive and allows you to add other income streams, on Audible (see ways 2-6 below) or beyond.

Making money on Audible can also done without talking - through Affiliate Marketing

Making money on Audible can also done without talking - through Affiliate Marketing (Image created with Midjourney)

Way 2: Become An Affiliate In The Audible Affiliate Program

Are you ready to take your Audible income to the next level? Then it's time to start exploring the world of affiliate programs.

By leveraging your audience and promoting Audible through an affiliate link, you can earn commissions on every sale made through your link.

You will need to create an Audible affiliate account and then generate a link to the book you promote.

But it's not just about the money – being an Audible affiliate allows you to connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for listening to great books.

So why not channel your charisma and take the leap into the world of affiliate marketing?

Embrace the challenge and reap the rewards. The possibilities are endless!

Way 3: Sell Your Voiceover Services And Become An Audiobook Narrator

Do you have a knack for using your voice to bring stories to life? You do not need to be

Then why not turn it into an income-generating business by offering voiceover services? You can use sites such as Fiverr or Voices.com to market your services or create a website and portfolio of work.

Once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to record professionally produced audiobooks with ease. Warm up your voice to sound clear: sleep, hydrate, hum, and practice reciting tongue twisters to get ready. Yjem you only need to make sure you have a good place and equipment to start recording and sooner than you know it you can count yourself amongst the group of audiobook narrators!

Narrate your favorite genre and become your own hero

Narrate your favorite genre and become your own hero (Image created with Midjourney)

Way 4: Monetize Your Podcasts 

Master the Art of Podcasting and Storytelling

Are you ready to captivate your audience with the power of storytelling? There's no better time to dive into the world of podcasting and hone your skills as a master storyteller. With the right techniques and a little bit of creativity, you can weave compelling narratives that keep listeners coming back for more. Whether you're sharing personal anecdotes or exploring complex themes, the art of podcasting offers endless possibilities for self-expression and connection. Get ready to unleash your inner charismatic storyteller and take your audience on an unforgettable journey.

Optimize Your Podcasts to Reach More Listeners

Are you ready to take your podcast to the next level? Then it's time to optimize your content and reach more listeners. With so many podcasts out there, it can be overwhelming to stand out from the crowd. But fear not, with the right strategies and techniques, you can expand your audience and grow your platform. From honing in on your niche to using descriptive and attention-grabbing headlines, there are plenty of ways to make your content more discoverable.

Way 5: Become an Audible Coach 

Do you have a passion for helping others unlock their full potential? Then why not become an Audible coach and help people reach their goals with the power of audiobooks? As an Audible coach, you can offer personalized guidance to help your clients maximize their audiobook experience. By leveraging the knowledge and expertise you already possess, you can become an invaluable asset in helping people make positive changes in their lives. You can teach others how to create audiobooks, sell audio versions of their ebooks, and start narrating audiobooks.

To start your coaching business, you should create a website that clearly articulates your services. From there, you can market yourself on relevant platforms to find clients.

Alternatively, you can directly offer your services on Fiverr or Upwork.

Way 6: Publish Your Own eBooks

Ok to be fair, this goes more into Amazon KDP, but why not create your own eBook first and sell audio versions later?

To get started, create an account on Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) and format your book according to their guidelines. When everything is ready, submit the manuscript and set your price.

You'll be able to track sales from your royalty share in real time and receive payments from Amazon every month. Best of all, you'll become part of the growing e-book industry and feel proud that your work is out there for people to enjoy.

So what are you waiting for?

On a side note, there are also great AI tools out there now to help structure the content, make the outline, and even writing and narration! You might have heard of ChatGPT, but there are plenty more AI tools to explore. You can easily sell an audiobook version of your ebook without ever having to narrate audiobooks yourself, AI can do it for you and in any voice you like!

Develop Your Audience and Know Your Niche

To truly make an impact in your chosen field and make more sales, it's important to know your audience and carve out your own niche.

Don't try to please everyone or be a jack of all trades. Instead, hone in on what sets you apart and what type of person you want to reach. Become an expert in your niche and use that knowledge to create content that resonates with your audience.

This isn't about conforming to what's popular or trendy, it's about staying true to yourself and providing value to those who need it most. So take the time to develop your audience and know your niche, and watch as your influence grows exponentially.

For example, given my background (low level of formal education, a family from a very modest background, no English ability into my adult years, being of mixed race, and having ADHD), I wanted to focus my blog on helping others with diverse backgrounds.

Similarly, you should find out what your unique point of view is and tailor your value proposition and messaging accordingly. What makes you special? Who is your target audience?

Promote Your Content – Utilize Different Strategies

Are you tired of crafting great content but not getting the engagement it deserves? It's time to step up your promotion game!

Don't rely on just one strategy to promote your content, utilize different approaches to reach a wider audience.

Lean on Social Media

Share on social media platforms, email your subscribers, collaborate with influencers in your industry, repurpose your content into different formats, run paid advertising campaigns – the possibilities are endless! Ensure there is a consistent stream of content on your platforms so engagement stays high and you can advertise your book series or a specific audiobook strongly.

Don't be afraid to experiment and see what works best for your brand. With the right promotion strategies, your content will reach its full potential and attract the audience it deserves.

Provide links to a free audiobook or 30-days membership

Yes, you can promote yourself with a free audiobook and free 30 days membership. Once they sign up, they will get a 30-day free membership and also one free book.

Meanwhile, you will earn affiliate revenue once they transfer their membership to a paid-one after 30 days. For this, you will need to sign up for the Audible Creator Program.

Promote as Audible Original

As an author, you can submit your audiobook as an Audible Original (AO). It will get more visibility in the Audible store and increase the sales potential.

Make sure that you provide enough information about the AO in your content so people recognize it when they search for books on Amazon or Audible's website. Also, include a link to purchase on both sites to make it easier for readers to find your book.

Turn your passion into money with Audible

Turn your passion into money with Audible (Image created with Midjourney)

A Final Thought On How To Make Money On Audible

Crafting compelling audible content takes dedication and skill. There’s no one right way to create an audience and establish a foothold in the ever-evolving podcasting arena.

Setting goals and having a clear sense of direction is important, but being flexible and open to experimentation can take your audible projects from mid-listen status to first-listen success.

To reach more ears, use multiple tactics to spread the word about your work, such as leveraging advertising, social media outreach, video amplification, traditional media placements, and even old-school networking.

Also, consider if you want to sell exclusively on Audible or through other platforms and your own website.

Finally, tap into affiliate programs for extra income.


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