March 23, 2023

Unlocking The Power of AI: Best AI Tools for 2024

There are many different AI tools out there that can help you with a variety of tasks. This is fantastic news for anyone:

Struggling with perfect English because it is your second (or third, fourth) language? Have AI review your writing, grammar, and copyediting.

Starting a business? Get AI's help in budgeting.

Trying to expand your online reach on social media and marketing? Maximize your visibility with AI-guided SEO.

Are you working on your business on the side (while taking care of your day job, kids, and family members? Leverage task automation.

In this blog post will discuss the best AI tools for every possible need: writing, presentations, business, and many more. 

TL;DR - Aaron's Summary

  • For Versatile Assistance: AI is your versatile ally for a range of tasks, from writing to budgeting, offering solutions for diverse needs.

  • Linguistic Proficiency: Non-native English speakers can benefit greatly, with AI simplifying grammar, style, and communication.

  • Business Optimization: Businesses can harness AI's power for SEO, financial management, and task automation to optimize their operations.

  • Top AI Tools: Explore the best AI tools like Grammarly, JasperAI, Google Slides,, Microsoft PowerPoint, ChatGPT, QuickBooks, Xero, Moz, SEMrush, Zapier, and IFTTT.

  • Tailored to Your Needs: Your choice of AI tool depends on your unique needs and goals, so embrace the AI revolution and soar to new heights!

  • Stay Informed and Inspired: Stay tuned for more insightful posts as you continue to innovate and evolve. Catch you on the flip side, Aaron.

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Unlocking The Power of AI: Best AI Tools for 2023 (Image created with Midjourney)

Unlocking The Power of AI: Best AI Tools for 2023 (Image created with Midjourney)

When You May Want to Use AI

There are hundreds of AI tools out there, and you are right if you feel overwhelmed. With the increasing option available, it is hard to stay on top. Instead of stressing out about understanding all the AI tools, let's start with you and your needs.

What are situations one might want to have a little artificial intelligence extra help?

  • Writing a text like an e-mail, application letter, blog post, speech, or book (especially if English is not your first language!)

  • Creating a PowerPoint presentation

  • Brainstorming for ideas

  • Planning your business budget and other business or personal finances

  • Automating tasks

  • Creating digital marketing (incl. SEO)

  • Translate documents into different languages

  • Creating customized reports

  • Using AI-powered analytics and feedback tools to improve customer relationships

AI solutions are here to make your life easier, so start using them. ow that you have gotten an idea of all the different situations for which AI can be used, we can look more closely at what AI tools are there. We have gathered some of the best AI tools for each task. Let's dive right in.

The best AI tools depend on what you need them for. For example, if you need help with writing, Grammarly is a great tool for grammar review and copyediting. If you are trying to optimize your website for better visibility and traffic, then you might want to use an AI-guided SEO tool such as Moz or SEMrush. We have included some of our favorite AI tools below.

AI can help with many writing tasks (Image created with Midjourney)

AI can help with many writing tasks (Image created with Midjourney)

Best AI Writing Tools

AI writing tools can accelerate the writing process, as the AI writing assistant can help you with outlines, complete paragraphs when you get stuck, and even fully write articles for you. There are too many out there to list, so we will share with you the all-rounder AI writing tools you should consider.


Amongst the most famous AI writing tools is Grammarly, which is a grammar checker and copyeditor for English. It can detect common spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors. Additionally, it offers suggestions on how to improve your writing style. In other words. Grammarly translates bad English to correct English.

It has a desktop app and a browser plug-in, so it can help you improve sentences as you use your google mail, fill out online forms, and more.

You can get started with a free plan, but they have more professional features available for those that need to use it more professionally.

One of my favorite features is that it can integrate with JasperAI, a genius writing program. On a side note, this blog post was proofread by Grammarly, as the author is not a native English speaker. Were you able to tell?


  • Corrects grammar

  • Free basic plan

  • Integrates with other apps such as Jasper AI

  • Works on desktop or browser plug-in


At one time known as Jarvis, the AI writing software leader is now called Jasper. If you're looking for assistance in creating your blog post, articles, books, scripts, or any other content imaginable - look no further! All you need to do is select a subject matter and form (CIA their recipe fields); enter some details then let Jasper write it all up for you. It may not always be high-quality material but it helps me break through my writer's block like nothing else can. After all, with 'content creation' becoming an integral part of the modern-day language used in marketing strategies – Jasper has become an invaluable asset.

Why Jasper is my #1 for writing

I use Jasper to optimize my blog posts - not just the written word but also to avoid grammar mistakes, get style suggestions, do my keyword research (via Surfer SEO), and make sure what I write is relevant to you, my target audience. It comes with a bunch of more cool features that I have not used yet, like the possibility to write video scripts, create high-quality marketing copy, or create full-length articles.

A content generation platform such as Jasper can create the entire blog content if you want, I choose to write everything myself but get helpful re-writes of my sentences where necessary to avoid my readers having to read awkward sentences of an English language learner. Hence it is for me an all-purpose AI copywriting tool, and I recommend it because I use it every day. I have tried other copywriting tools, but honestly, none came close to the user-friendliness and powerful integrations of other tools I could do step by step. Also, I feel the AI output is better than in other artificial intelligence apps.


  • Free trial

  • Recipes for many needs, like blog posts, hooks, SEO descriptions, listicles, social media posts, outlines for video content

  • Workflows take you from the whole process of writing the piece you are working on

  • User-friendly UI and AI-influenced writing style

  • AI Translator

  • Allows helpful plugins, like Surfer SEO or Grammarly


If you're looking for an AI-based writing tool that can help ignite creativity, CopyAI is a great choice. It offers users numerous templates created with advanced artificial intelligence to spark inspiration and eliminate any writer's block issues. Whether you are a copywriter or content writer, this program provides high-quality assistance optimized for your specific needs.


  • Free version (unlike JasperAI)

  • Great for beginners

  • 100+ templates

  • Supports 25+ languages

  • Long-form content editor

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Best AI Presentation Tools

Google Slides

Google Slides is a great way to create presentations and collaborate with your team. It’s free, easy to use, and it has AI-driven features like Smart Compose that can auto-suggest text as you type. You can also upload images, videos and 3D models to add visual interest to your

Google Slides is free for personal use, and there is a paid version available for businesses.


  • Free to use (for personal use)

  • Smart Compose feature

  • Collaboration tools

  • Animations and transitions

  • Upload images, videos, 3D models

  • Integrate with Google Docs and Sheets

Our favorite integration in Google Slides is getting the plug-on through Google Marketplace. This only needs a quick prompt and will automate the entire presentation creation, so you can focus on the content. In the below picture you can see the basic presentation we could make in 2 minutes using this tool completely for free, so imagine what more you can do in an hour! We use for our own business, and this is the tool we recommend beginners or those without much experience or English skills to use when getting into making presentations.

Why is my #1 for presentation

In this particular category, is my absolute favorite. Writing is one thing, but creating an outline, coming up with the content, and the design, is a lot for anyone, let alone someone like me who is a non-native speaker. But this AI-powered assistant lets me copy & paste my content (from text, my research, my email) and does it all for me - thinking about the outline, the number of pages, the presentation titles, the content, and even the image generation! It helps me with additional content ideas but builds on all my content. I am still amazed at how the AI model does it, and it does feel a bit like magic in the best way.


  • Free to use in its basic form

  • No need for signing up

  • Complete automation of the presentation creation process

  • Integrates with Google Slides

  • Advanced design customizations.


For a more interactive slide creation, ChatGPT has a plug-in into Google Slides as well, and together with ChatGPT you can create the presentation step-by-step. We could install and use it for free.

Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint is the industry leader when it comes to creating presentations. It has advanced AI capabilities that help you create stunning visuals in no time at all. With features like Presenter Coach, which helps improve your public speaking skills, and Morph, which helps you animate slides easily, PowerPoint is the perfect tool for creating presentations for any occasion. Pricing for personal use starts at ~70 USD/year, for business ~6 USD/user and month. Check the latest pricing on the PowerPoint website.

Key features

  • Integrates with Microsoft suite

  • Designer can automate finding best visualization

  • Integrates with other AI tools like ChatGPT and

  • Presenter coach can help improve your public speaking skills

  • Morph helps animate slides easily

AI tools are great for ideation of what could be (Image created with Midjourney)

AI tools are great for ideation of what could be (Image created with Midjourney)

Best AI Tool For Ideation


ChatGPT is a very famous AI tool. With it's latest release, GPT4, some more powerful features have been added. The best is it can write text for you in any language and style you need.

It is also a very useful brainstorming tool. However, be aware it does not replace a writing tool such as JasperAI, as the text generated is easily detected with an AI detector. Also, you should fact-check the output of ChaptGPT (and any AI tool), as the AI sometimes makes up wild facts. However, getting started on brainstorming, it is very helpful.

Key features

  • Write text in multiple languages

  • Brainstorming tool

  • Free to use

AI has many uses in business (Image created with Midjourney)

AI has many uses in business (Image created with Midjourney)

Best AI Business Tools

When it comes to business, there are countless AI tools available. For example, budgeting and forecasting is essential for any business but can be time-consuming. With an AI-powered budgeting tool such as QuickBooks or Xero, you can have a better understanding of your financial situation with much less effort. Additionally, for marketing purposes, you might want to consider using an AI-guided SEO tool such as Moz or SEMrush. These tools will help you gain visibility and increase your website's search engine ranking.


QuickBooks is an AI-powered budgeting tool for businesses that can help you better understand and manage your financial situation. It offers a range of features including invoicing, reporting, taxes, payroll, payments and more — all designed to save time and money.

Key features

  • Free and paid versions available

  • Generates automated reports

  • Helps with invoicing, payroll, payments and taxes

  • Integrates with other applications


Xero is another popular AI-driven accounting software used by small and medium-sized businesses. It is an all-in-one financial management tool, enabling you to manage your books, invoices and payments with ease.

Key features

  • AI-driven budgeting tool

  • Invoicing, reporting, taxes, payroll and payments

  • Cloud-based accounting solution

  • Integrates with other applications like Microsoft Office and Google Drive


Moz is a powerful AI-guided SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools that helps boost website visibility and increase its search engine ranking. By providing insights into competitive keyword rankings, backlinks and website performance, Moz enables businesses to get the most out of their digital marketing efforts.

Key features

  • AI-driven budgeting and forecasting

  • Integrates with other tools like QuickBooks or Xero

  • Provides visibility for website ranking

  • Helps boost search engine ranking


SEMrush is a comprehensive AI-driven SEO platform that provides you with insights into your competitors’ keyword strategies, as well as data on organic search rankings and backlink profiles. SEMrush also offers detailed reports and analysis to help you optimize your website for the best possible performance.

Key features

  • AI-driven SEO platform

  • Integrates with other tools like Moz

  • Provides insights into keyword strategies and organic search rankings

  • Detailed reports and analysis to optimize website performance

Automation is a powerful way to leverage AI (Image created with Midjourney)

Automation is a powerful way to leverage AI (Image created with Midjourney)

Best Automation AI Tools

When it comes to other tasks, there are also many such tools available. If you need to automate recurring tasks, there are tools such as Zapier or IFTTT that can help you set up automated workflows.


Zapier is an AI-driven automation tool that helps you connect your apps and automate workflows. You can use it to create custom automation, such as automatically sending emails or adding new contacts to your CRM when a task is completed in another app.

Key features

  • Connects your apps and automates workflows

  • Gives you control over when, how, and why automated actions take place

  • Triggers tasks in one app based on activity in another


IFTTT (If This Then That) is another popular AI-powered automation tool. It enables you to create custom applets that can trigger tasks in other apps when certain conditions are met. For example, you could set up an IFTTT applet that automatically sends a text message when a new item is added to your calendar.

Key features

  • Integrates with other apps

  • Ability to automate repetitive tasks

  • Can trigger tasks in other apps when certain conditions are met

  • Helpful for streamlining processes and saving time

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If I Can Only Recommend One AI tool?

Jasper. Nothing to add really (read above why).

Artificial intelligence is an importance term to know (Image created with Midjourney)

Artificial intelligence is an importance term to know (Image created with Midjourney)

Commonly Asked Questions

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that aims to create intelligent machines that can think, learn, and act like humans. AI algorithms are used to process data and develop solutions for complex problems such as speech recognition, language translation, or autonomous vehicles. AI can be used in a variety of applications, including customer service automation, predictive analytics, and workflow optimization.

AI is an important tool for businesses as it enables them to automate mundane tasks and make more accurate decisions by leveraging data-driven insights. With AI, companies can gain better insight into customer behavior and develop targeted marketing campaigns that are tailored to customers’ needs. Additionally, AI can help optimize operations by automating routine tasks and reducing the need for manual labor.

How can AI help me?

AI is a powerful tool that can help you with a variety of tasks. It can assist in writing, presentations, business operations, marketing efforts, and more. Some popular applications include grammar review for perfect English, task automation for busy people on the go, SEO optimization for better traffic and visibility, budgeting for business operations, and customer service automation. AI can also help you make more informed decisions by providing data-driven insights.

Is AI safe to use?

Yes! AI tools are designed to be safe and secure to use. All reputable AI tools are developed with strong security protocols in place to protect your data. Additionally, they all require explicit user consent before any information is collected or used. As long as you are using an AI tool from a trusted source, it should be perfectly safe to use.

What does machine learning mean?

Machine learning is a subset of AI that focuses on giving computers the ability to learn and adapt without being explicitly programmed. It involves using algorithms to analyze data and then using the results to make predictions or decisions.

Machine learning is often used in facial recognition, NLP, image recognition, and other applications. With advances in technology, machine learning has become increasingly important and powerful in a variety of industries.

What is predictive analytics?

Predictive analytics is the use of data and statistical models to predict future outcomes. It involves analyzing historical data to identify patterns and trends, and then using those patterns to make predictions about what might happen in the future.

Predictive analytics can be used for a variety of applications, such as predicting customer behavior, optimizing marketing campaigns, and driving business decisions.

The goal of predictive analytics is to help organizations make more informed decisions by providing data-driven insights. By leveraging predictive analytics, companies can anticipate customer needs and develop effective strategies for achieving their goals.

What is workflow automation?

Workflow automation is the process of automating manual tasks to streamline processes and save time. It involves using software tools and algorithms to create custom workflows that can automate repetitive tasks, such as data entry or processing customer orders. Workflow automation is incredibly helpful for businesses, as it enables them to reduce costs and maximize efficiency by eliminating manual labor. Additionally, automation can help companies respond faster to customer inquiries and improve customer service.

Workflow automation also has applications in other industries, such as healthcare, finance, and manufacturing. By automating processes, businesses can reduce errors and ensure that they are compliant with regulations while optimizing the overall workflow.

What is natural language processing?

Natural language processing (NLP) is the use of AI technology to analyze and understand natural language. It involves using algorithms to process text or speech data, extract meaning, and generate insights. NLP can be used for a variety of applications, such as sentiment analysis, customer service automation, automatic summarization, question-answering systems, and more.

NLP is an incredibly powerful tool that can help businesses better understand their customers and improve the customer experience. By leveraging NLP, companies can gain valuable insights into customer’s needs and preferences, which can be used to develop marketing campaigns and personalize communications. Additionally, NLP can help streamline customer service operations by automating conversations and reducing response times.

What is deep learning?

Deep learning is a type of machine learning that uses algorithms to teach computers how to learn from data and improve over time without explicit programming. It takes inspiration from the structure and function of the human brain, using layers of interconnected neurons to process and analyze data more efficiently than traditional machine learning algorithms.

Deep learning is often used in image recognition, NLP, and predictive analytics applications.

What are neural networks?

Neural networks are algorithms that take inspiration from the structure of the human brain. They’re composed of layers of interconnected neurons, which process data and learn from it over time.

Neural networks can be used for a variety of applications, such as image recognition, natural language processing (NLP), and predictive analytics.

Ultimately, the right AI tool for you will depend on your specific needs and goals (Image created with Midjourney)

Ultimately, the right AI tool for you will depend on your specific needs and goals (Image created with Midjourney)

A Final Thought On The Best AI Tool For You

The best AI tool for you will depend on what type of application you are trying to develop and the resources available. Each of the technologies discussed has unique strengths and weaknesses, so it is important to consider your use case before making a decision.

If I could keep only one of the many I use, it'd be Jasper.

However, when used together, predictive analytics, workflow automation, natural language processing, and deep learning can provide powerful insights and enable companies to make informed decisions.

Ultimately, the right AI tool for you will depend on your specific needs and goals. 

Good luck!


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